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Dog Food At The Leash Connection

Apex Dog Food


Why Apex Dog Food?

  • Our Holistic Approach. Out with the Bad. In with the Good.
  • Our foods contain no corn, wheat, soy or by-products and are naturally preserved with Vitamin E. No chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin are used. Great for sensitive skin and stomachs. Formulated to reduce shedding.
  • Comes in Chicken, Lamb and Salmon
  • 6lb.. 18lb., and 35lb. bags

Wholesomes Dog Food


  • SPORTMiX® Wholesomes™ supplies your pet with a naturally preserved, 100% complete and balanced diet for a healthy, active life. Made without high-moisture protein sources or common grains, Wholesomes™ now offers three grain-free and gluten-free formulas. Simply a wholesome alternative to common pet food formulas.
  • Comes in Chicken, Lamb or Fish in 40lb bag.nes.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food


Blue Buffalo all natural dog food is made with only the finest natural ingredients and real meat in every formula, Blue Buffalo offers your dog the wholesome nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle for any breed at any age. Puppy comes in Chicken 6lb, 15lb and 30lb bag. Adult comes in Chicken, Lamb or Fish 6lb, 15lb or 30lb bag it.

CBD Products


CBD by Honest Paws helps with Nervous and Anxious Behavior. Fear of Thunder and Fireworks. Travel Stress. Joint Health. Seasonal Allergies and more. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system, which all humans and animals have. CBD helps the system promote balance in the body for mental and physical health. A variety of choices to use CBD oil include soft chews, tincture(oil), peanut butter, coconut oil, and biscuit.

Pro Pac Dog Food


  • There is a diet for every pet's need including grain-free and gluten-free formulas.
  • Dogs thrive on meat protein and PRO PAC® Ultimates™ provides the highest quality proteins for your pet. These antioxidant-rich formulas boast a balanced ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Your pets will love the taste of PRO PAC® Ultimates™. Puppy comes in Chicken 5b and 28lb bag. Adult comes in Chicken, Lamb or Fish 

Dog Food At The Leash Connection grain free dog food


Does your dog pull and drag you around on leash, jumps on you, the kids and visitors, will not come when called, can not maintain a Sit with out getting up and moving  around before you can count to one, excessive barking. While attending The Leash Connection obedience class you and your dog will start communicating with each other, instead of wondering What *^&#%&%^*. Without your dog learning what those words coming from you mean they hear wah, wah, wah nonsense.  With our instruction and the proper training equipment, you and your dog will learn basic commands to make life easier and enjoyable! We spend up to 10-15 years with our canine pals. Those years should and can be fun, not exasperating. 1. - Group Class is a great way for your dog to learn to behave in different places and around other dogs and distractions. Class is 4 Weeks. Puppy & Adult 2. - Private Classes if you have a unique schedule or special issues with your dog or just would like one on one instruction this is a great option. 

3. - Drop Off and Train where you drop your dog off like doggie daycare and pick                   him up in the afternoon. We will work with your dog four times daily on manners. We only take four dogs at a time for this service. No aggressive dogs for Drop off program. We can address this issue in private class. Come train 

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